Bobo Choses SS22 “I’m a Poet”  Collection & Commitment to Sustainability

Bobo Choses SS22 “I’m a Poet” Collection & Commitment to Sustainability

Drop 1 Launching January 13th at 5am est 

I’m a poet, Bobo Choses Spring Summer 22’ Collection celebrates poetry and the poets sensitivity when it comes to observing life and nature. Poetry is not only a faculty of the human being but a specific faculty of children, whose attitude toward life is one of constant surprise and wonder. All things before their eyes have the beauty and impact of what is seen for the first time. 

In these ugly times we are going through, to look for beauty and emotion in the ordinary, the beautiful, and the not-so-beautiful is as much an act of rebellion as a vital necessity. 

Long live poetry. Have fun!


Let’s put a smile on Earth’s face! At Bobo Choses, we have always been responsible for our social and
environmental footprint. We strive to create friendly products for our environment and continuously
improve our production processes’ sustainability.
The SS22 collection comprises 324 references, including Kid, Baby, Accessories, and Home products.
– Organic cotton (GOTS certified) reaches 82% in this collection.
– We have introduced BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) as a new sustainable source and reached 7%.
– We are incorporating more sustainable fibers such as Lyocell, Ecovero viscose, or recycled fibers,
such as polyester, cotton, and polyamide.
– Our products are nickel and chromium-free, always certified by our providers, and analyzed by the
Textile and Research Institute Aitex to make sure they meet the standards.
– The production and finishing factories we work with are OEKO-TEX certified.
– Plus, all of our suppliers need to comply with our Code of Conduct, which helps us share our mutual
responsibility for fair labor and a safe working environment.

Fibers, Textiles, And Compositions

We strive to replace conventional materials with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact on both nature and human health. Our SS22 collection, I’m a Poet, has a great variety of fabrics, weights, and textures,
both circular knits and woven:
– Single jersey, fleece, and soft terry fleece are 100% organic cotton. Knitwear is also made 100% with
sustainable cotton. Comfortable to wear on a daily basis.
– There’s a wide variety of knitted fabrics as well as jersey structures, fantasy ribs, and new fleece textures.
– In woven fabrics, we have dyed Vichy and fresh structures such as muslin fabrics and seersucker.
– We used technical fabrics made with recycled polyamide for the outerwear and many of the accessories
with recycled polyester.
– A must-have is the denim pants in two different stonewashed tones.
– Denim fabric is 20% GRS certified recycled cotton.
– Swimwear is almost 100% recycled polyamide, 100% UPF 50+.
– Many of the accessories are made with recycled polyester.



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