Spring, Has it Sprung? Easter Options for everyone.

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Spring is  always such a fun time of year. Especially living in Upstate NY, we haven't seen the grass in months, the sun may shine but the air still hurts your face. (Yes, we live in a place that hurts to go outside... on purpose, I think) So when we hear Spring, we know the snow will soon be gone, the weather will break and we can get these kiddos outside. Any sign of green grass and new blooms are little signs of heaven. Also... Easter is coming!

When did Easter become a mini Christmas? I got a chocolate bunny, cadbury eggs, jelly beans and those awful marshmallow peeps that would be stuck to all the Easter grass. Now kids are getting bikes and bounce houses... Well, we don't believe you need to go to that extent and we have some great options for your kiddos baskets that they will love and your dentist will approve of. Below are 5 of our favorites.

1. Candy Club Candy - These gourmet jars of candy are only 5.99 and packed with flavor. Whether its bouncing bunnies, gummy dinos or cupcake bites we have something for every palette and they are only 5.99.  Candy is in store only, if you want to place an online order for this, please shoot us an email at lolanlulu@outlook.com

Candy Club Gourmet Candy at Lola n Lulu 70 Genesee Street New Hartford NY 13413

2. Gummygoods Gummy Bear Nightlight - All the sweetness none of the cavites. Squeeze them to turn them on and cuddle them with a soft glow, the perfect night light! You can plug these in with an SD cord to charge or use batteries.    https://lolanlulu.com/search?type=product&q=gummygoods

Gummygoods Gummy Bear Nightlight at Lola n Lulu Children's Boutique 70 Genesee Street New Hartford NY 13413

3. Unicorn Horn Chalk - Now that outdoor play is no longer a thing of the past, these little chalk sets will have your little ones begging to go outside for some chalk fun! Big plus is they have no nasty chemicals in them.   https://lolanlulu.com/products/unicorn-horn-sidewalk-chalk

Unicorn Horn Chalk at Lola n Lulu Children's Boutique 70 Genesee Street New Hartford NY 13413

4. Bling 2o Goggles - All I can think of is Spring & Summer Vacations, Poolside, beach bound... These fun goggles are antifog and anti leak. The only problem you will have is choosing which style to buy! Prehistoric Dinos, Pawdry Hepburn or one of the many other styles we offer.                              https://lolanlulu.com/search?type=product&q=bling+2o

Bling 2o Pawdry Hepburn Swim Goggles at Lola n Lulu Children's Boutique 70 Genesee Street New Hartford NY 13413

5. Cub Coats - Every child loves their plush pals, every parent agrees their children need no more stuffed animals (PLEASE!!) Cub Coats are genius, these soft friends come with a name and story. Turn them inside out and zip, they are your childs cuddly plush pal. Unzip and pull and they are the softest hooded sweatshirt to keep your kiddo warm. These make great travel buddies!       https://lolanlulu.com/search?type=product&q=cub+coats    Cub Coats - Flynn The Fox. Lola n Lulu Children's Clothing Store 70 Genesee Street New Hartford NY 13413

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