Collection: WOLF & RITA

Locally sourced.

Globally worn.


Wolf & Rita developed as a separate brand inside a small family business based in the North of Portugal. Taking advantage of an history of more than 30 years of experience in specialized shirts making, the decision to create our own brand came naturally.

Embracing the use of old techniques and the natural expertise that comes with experience, Wolf & Rita still maintains its family structure and most of its staff has been working for the company for more than three decades, passing along its valuable expertise and skills to a new generation of workers.


We aim to present the tag 100% Made in Portugal as a proof of quality but also as a means of supporting our local community. For that reason, all our workers are employed locally and live within a 30Km distance from the company.

Our fabrics and trimmings are of the finest quality and always locally outsourced and produced by local companies.

Our suppliers are also our neighbours, decreasing energy consumption and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. Most of our printed material is produced by a local charity that gives shelter and support to children in need.