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Little Hometown

2-in-1 Burp Cloth and Bib: NYC

2-in-1 Burp Cloth and Bib: NYC

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Marie and Jeff (our owners) met in NYC, so this swaddle features some of their favorite memories. From Washington Square Park to the Guggenheim to the greek coffee cups from their favorite coffee carts to Lincoln Center, there is something on here for every NYC baby...and every NYC baby at heart. 

Little Hometown's Baby Burp and Bib combo is a great transitional item. It can be used as a burp cloth in the early months, and then it snaps to convert into a full-coverage bib once solid foods are introduced.   This unisex item is a great idea for all baby showers

Size: 10" x 24"

Material: Bamboo rayon, cotton muslin

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