June 15, 2016

With permission from Carmi herself, here is a snippet of her article on us! We're so excited to share this with you. Be sure to visit to read the full article.

"I am so excited to talk about our latest collaboration with Lola n Lulu. I met the founder and creator of Lola n Lulu, Jessica, through a mutual friend and it has been fate at its finest! Jessica is a wife, mother, designer, buyer, and creator of all things magical. She is so complimentary and generous, and has an amazing passion to make a difference in the downtown Utica area. And if this isn’t enough, she is a graduate from culinary school. Whoa – the woman can cook! She does it all! Her products are top of the line and rare, hand chosen from Europe and Australia. She has a great eye for what is up and coming and the quality, well it’s close to perfection.

The dress I am wearing is the LLO Sienna Caftan Dress. It comes in three colors (Blue, Grey and Rose)  as well as two different styles! One is a loose version that I am in and one is slightly more fitted!

The first look is a dressed down, simple, run to the store type. It’s perfect for family fun activates like the zoo, shopping, errands…

This next look is a slightly dressier version. This dress is perfect for a hot day when you don’t want clingy fabric touching you. I added a pair of chunky mules and my oversized purse.

This dress is so lightweight and comfortable. It has the raw edge so you can custom cut the length according to your body! I was thinking for the winter I may make it into a Kayne inspired, cut off sweat shirt."

Thank you Carmi! You're a doll!


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