Collection: MANOLITAS

Manolitas is a brand that focuses in creating global awareness of the gifted handmade talents our proud team of local artisans possess.  We beautifully design handmade cloth dolls and hand embroidered luxury children’s clothing destined to live long after they are created. Our pieces are meant to be part of a lasting family legacy, creating sweet memories down the lane before being passed from one generation to the next.  We treasure old school craftsmanship and value the way our ancestors made beautiful pieces of art, all by hand.  Handmade in El Salvador with fine quality materials from start to finish, each and every item we given birth to has a purpose, a story behind, making it special and one of a kind.

“By treasuring the value that underlies the making of our timeless handmade pieces, we connect the past to the present, while looking towards the future. Handmade is all about connection.  In my experience, the older you get the more interested you get about your history.  How your predecessors lived has always been a fascination and by reviving handmade I’m continuing this invisible thread that links us to them in a sustainable and fashionable way.”