Collection: NANDUCKET

Imagine an apparel brand that captures the magic of childhood adventures, where each garment helps create a kinder and safer world for kids. A brand that celebrates adventure and the beauty of island life. Meet Nanducket, the children's clothing brand inspired by the heartwarming tale of a little duckling named Ack.

From the pages of the bestselling classic storybook, Ack the Nantucket Duckling, Nanducket was born. Our sustainable and soft, comfy fabrics, combined with a joyful color pallette, classic design and hand embroidery, deliver a timeless collection adored by parents and kids alike. We believe in creating limited quantity pieces that are truly special.

We are more than just a clothing brand; we are a community of parents who share a love for childhood adventure and magical memories.  Our brand inspires kids to be themselves, explore their world, and create moments that will last a lifetime. Waddle this way as we celebrate the spirit of Ack and the joys of childhood.