From the office - to the gym - to the road trip - we make clothes that reflect today's on the go looks... along with a splash of positivity and humor.

Creating essential assortments of tees and sweats. Wrapping those collections in fun statements, new collabs, and chic basics. Offering contemporary looks that scream confidence, but not arrogance. Using humor as a way to keep it positive, and having a lot of fun along the way

We didn’t start Sub_Urban Riot to sell $85 dollar t-shirts. Making expensive shirts just because we could get away with it never made sense.

We also didn’t start Sub_Urban Riot to sell $9 dollar t-shirts. $9 t-shirts come at a major cost to others. We prefer to do things the right way so we can sleep in peace at night.

At the core of all we do is positivity, inclusiveness and integrity. That’s why we believe in responsible labor and sourcing practices. Everyday we do all we can to minimize the environmental and human cost of doing business.

Simply put, we started Suburban Riot inspire others to start their own.