Childhood Cancer Awareness - Savanah Redmond's Story

Childhood Cancer Awareness - Savanah Redmond's Story

We started fighting to raise awareness for childhood Cancer back in 2014 when I came across a little girl named Claire that was fighting her battle with cancer. I was so consumed by this sweet girl that I had never met, I would check the facebook group page daily to keep my self updated and follow her progression. I found myself praying daily for her and many others that I had never met but their stories left an impact on me. We would release a few pieces every September in our shop where the proceeds would be donated to St. Judes or St. Baldricks. I joined in giveaways and fundraisers for CHLA Halloween parties just trying to do more. It was not long after this that I met Susan, Savanah's mother. I was instantly taken by this family. You couldn't meet a sweeter little girl with a smile that would light up a room. Susan is the type of person that would do anything for anyone and gives 110%. I was so touched by their story and everything they continue to do as a family to raise awareness that I wanted to be involved. They started Savanah's Lemonade Stand which started as a small lemonade stand in front of their house raising money for Retinoblastoma  and has grown to a Huge event held at a Community Center raising thousands of dollars. This is a family that will make a difference in everyone's life that they touch.

This is The Redmond's Story- 

Dr. Carlos was the first person we met at Wills Eye, he was Dr. Shields’ right hand man and was the person who held our hand and assured us our daughter was going to be ok. He gave us comfort when we needed it, visited us at Jefferson Hospital after every IAC surgery to give us hope, and what I found the most humbling was he would answer our every phone call and email, which gave us such peace on the harder days. Two days before arriving to Philadelphia in July of 2012, I remember being so overwhelmed and stressed about possibly having to remove Savanah's eye. I was emailing Dr. Carlos question after question and unbeknownst to me, he was on his death bed battling his own cancer but still answering each one of my emails. That alone goes to show you how devoted of a Doctor he truly was.

Dr. Bianciotto was an amazing physician and surgeon who was so dedicated to helping children like Savanah avoid death and blindness from retinoblastoma. He gave his life each and every day to ensure that these children were treated with the best care possible and that their parents were at ease. He genuinely cared for and loved all of the children he treated. Dr. Carlos will forever be in our hearts and we will forever be grateful. 

Dr. Carlos, his family and colleagues have continued his dedication to those children battling retinoblastoma by setting up a foundation for childhood cancer research. 

Our family has made it a goal to give back to Dr. Carlos and help fund research for childhood cancer.

Checks can be made to the Carlos G Bianciotto Retinoblastoma Research Fund and mailed to

Joe & Susan Redmond

61 Ballantyne Brae

Utica, NY 13501



With permission from Carmi herself, here is a snippet of her article on us! We're so excited to share this with you. Be sure to visit to read the full article.

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Thank you Carmi! You're a doll!

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