The Animals Observatory Spring/Summer 2024

The Animals Observatory Spring/Summer 2024

This season’s collection revolves around The Animals Observatory’s manifesto, “We will celebrate the beauty of the passage of time through things”. This collection takes us to a vintage London store to pick up the most astonishing styles and then go to the Glastonbury festival, or even to Coachella. Katherine Hepburn’s most stylish sportive outfits have also been an inspiration. The Sping / Summer 2024 Collection aims for you to celebrate the beauty of what is old, what is antique, and what is unique. 

We have 13 items from this collection coming to Lola n Lulu. This season will comprise of 2 drops. We will be stocking sizes 2-14. 
Expecting the Paris sweatshirt to be a hot seller this seasons with the 2024 Paris Olympics.

We will be shipping the week of drop as soon as our shipment arrives. 

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