Lola is fierce and edgy. She loves pattern play and wearing dresses with sneakers... Shops in the girls and boys section! She has a love for trucker hats or any hat for that matter and an obsession for expensive handbags. Pairing vintage finds with Couture pieces is her signature style. She is a mini-hipster…

Lulu is classy and elegant. She loves lush fabrics and everything gold. She is bold with colors and is always perfectly accessorized. Lulu follows the work of Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera. She is a style icon…

Oliver is their imaginary brother/mostly companion… He believes sunglasses should be worn every day, for UVA purposes of course. Neckwear is a must! You will spot him wearing t-shirts with sport coats and probably has more shoes than you! Ollie says, once you have been photographed in it, it’s over. Ollie is the “it” guy!

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